Vapiano  //  Interior

33 countries, 220 Restaurants and 38 km of handdrawn menu boards.


Since the opening of the first Vapiano in Hamburg 17 years ago our handpainted menuboard has become the centrepiece of each local restaurant. It celebrates anecdotes, local sayings and quotes around all aspects of the culinary world.

Our believe is that a unique approach makes a difference. With respect for local traditions, sympathy and humor, an identification with each individual location and the people you serve is possible.

Since 2002 we have been Vapianos creative partner on its way to an internationally renown food brand. Since then we had the pleasure to design more than 200 local restaurants, gathered extensive experience around the international food and franchise business and connected with numerous awesome people worldwide that made the brand's international success possible.

3 days until opening. 
Aircon breakdown. 
Chaos on the site.
Rule No.1:
Keep calm and carry on.

Each board is a tribute to its location. Local motifs mix with humorous quotes and a lot of dolce vita.

Interior Design: Matteo Thun
Interior Design: Matteo Thun